CLEAR ESOL Learning Support Assistant




RESPONSIBLE TO: Designated Class Tutor

LOCATION: CLEAR Office 2 James Street SO14 1PJ

COMMITMENT: One assigned session (2-3h) a week. For a lot of our ESOL classes we require a 6 month commitment from our volunteer tutors and LSAs.



To provide administrative support to the CLEAR Volunteering Team. Duties will be selected from the following range of tasks.



      • Attend lessons regularly and punctually and support learners in understanding and carrying out tasks assigned.
      • Encourage the learners to acquire study skills. (e.g. file organisation, independence)
      • Be supportive of the class tutor and follow their direction.
      • Give feedback to the tutor on learners’ progress or learning problems.
      • Assist with tracking of learner progress as requested by tutor.
      • Administer practice exams.
      • Report any health and safety/safeguarding concerns to the class tutor.
      • Attend training as agreed.   Fire Safety, Prevent and Safeguarding training are mandatory for all classroom volunteers.
      • Liaise with other LSAs and with the class tutor for lesson planning and rota planning purposes.
      • Talk to and listen to learners in a friendly way. NB volunteers are not allowed to give out personal information to learners, e.g. mobile / landline numbers or addresses for safeguarding reasons.
      • Tidy up the classroom after the teaching has finished, e.g. put pens and pencils away, chairs under tables, put papers and teaching materials away.
      • Set up and pack down the classroom, including moving tables and chairs and cleaning whiteboard, if required.
      • If requested, assist in the assessment and re-enrolment process.
      • Ensure own attendance is recorded on register.  E.g for references at a later date.
      • Be prepared to register learners and invigilate on exam days.


Person specification


  • Experience of working or learning within an educational setting with adults or young people
  • Good communication skills
  • Patient and encouraging
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Excellent English language skills  (Level 2 or equivalent)
  • Computer literate (use of internet, Word)
  • Calm, patient and a sense of humor
  • Flexible
  • Eye for detail to correct student work



  • ESOL /other teaching qualification
  • Experience of working with people from different cultures
  • Experience of teaching reading/writing skills to children/adults
  • Physically fit to be able to move chairs and tables around occasionally
  • Ability to speak another language (e.g. Farsi, Urdu, Arabic, Cantonese) or recent language-learning experience
  • Able to hear students in crowded classroom


Learning Support Assistant’s Role- General Points

  • Assistants will be there to interact with and help the students, under the direction of the lead tutor.
  • In a tutor-led session the tutor will start the lesson. The tutor should give guidance to the LSA on what they need to do. Ask the tutor if you are not sure.
  • Please take guidance from the teacher running the session and gently help the students without taking over – let them try to do as much as possible for themselves.
  • You need to arrive 10 minutes before the lesson, so that the teacher can explain what is happening and how they want you to help that day.
  • The tutors taking the lessons on the day are responsible for the session and how it runs. If you have any issues or comments about the plans or way things are working, it is important that you do not interrupt the teaching session. Rather speak to the tutor after the session, or if urgent, perhaps come to one side out of earshot of the students to discuss matters.
  • The LSAs will be asked to undertake appropriate training and briefing sessions or signposted to training opportunities.
  • It is expected that all volunteer LSAs will comply with the Health and Safety instructions, taking due care of your own health and safety and that of the students.
  • Volunteers are very welcome to arrive earlier and help themselves to tea/coffee. Please do wash up your mugs afterwards. Many thanks.


Please note we do have an on-going need for tutors and LSAs but there may be a waiting period after the interview. However we are also keen to have tutors and LSAs registered with us who can be on-call to step in when required.



Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at:

Potential volunteers are welcome to come and visit before deciding to volunteer.