CLEAR welcomes and supports the contribution of volunteers to the project and the added value that they bring. We rely on volunteers to provide much needed extra capacity alongside its paid staff in many different roles and across all services.

Many of the long serving and dedicated CLEAR volunteers have been awarded 100 hour certificates for their voluntary work by the Mayor of the City of Southampton.

We see great value in volunteering as a progression route for clients who are looking for work experience in the UK to add to their CV, or as a way for them to meet people, make friends and practise speaking English.

Please note all volunteers must be 18 years old at a minimum.

Quotes from our volunteers:

‘When I came to England, I didn’t know anyone, I couldn’t speak English and I had a tiny baby. When I found CLEAR it was like home. I love volunteering here.’ – Shpresa (volunteer receptionist)

‘My volunteer opportunity at CLEAR taught me a lot about the kinds of problems refugees and asylum-seekers face when they have to integrate into a new country. CLEAR reflects an enabling and positive work ethic and environment. As a result, I believe my volunteer experience helped me grow, both professionally and personally.’ – Pari (volunteer caseworker and Work Club receptionist)

 List of roles currently available

  • Advice Receptionist . Details
  • Design Volunteer  Details
  • ESOL Learning Team Admin Details
  • ESOL Learning Support Assistant Details
  • IT Support and Digital Learning LSA Details
  • Welcome to CLEAR Details
  • Women’s Conversation Group & Community Engagement Volunteer Assistant Details
  • Work Club Admin Details
  • EU WELCOME Interpreter . Details  EU Welcome website  EU Welcome website
  • EU WELCOME Social Media Volunteer Details   EU Welcome website  EU Welcome website

Avenue Multicultural Centre (Fridays only)

  • AMC Lead Volunteer Details
  • AMC Catering Assistant . Details
  • AMC Games Volunteer Details
  • AMC Lead Kitchen Volunteer Details

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