After her father died Hajiba and her mother became homeless. She very soon became separated from her mother and found herself alone, having to survive however she could. At the age of 15 she was raped, and a woman she confided in offered to help her ‘escape’ to the UK. Once trafficked into this country she was initially detained and placed in the care of Social Services, but ran away.

Hajiba met a woman who offered to ‘help’ her with a place to stay and food in exchange for working as a sex worker, and she was soon expecting a baby. She later found a job using a false NI number, but when found out lost both the job and her accommodation. Alone and pregnant in Southampton with her young child, with no recourse to public funds, Hajiba was in a difficult legal situation.

CLEAR made representations to Social Services requesting financial support for Hajiba and her young child, found a lawyer to take on her case and advocated with health services. We linked Hajiba to other community services so that she and her child were supported and provided ongoing emotional support.