Are Syrian refugees coming to Southampton?

Southampton has agreed to receive 25 families into the city, Southampton City Council is working with local statutory and voluntary partners to ensure that those who arrive are welcomed into the city and supported as they seek to build a new life here in the coming months. The first three families have arrived, and future families will arrive as suitable housing becomes available.

The voluntary sector partners are seeking, to meet and welcome each family as they arrive and introduce them to activities and support including the Avenue Multicultural Centre  alongside the other asylum seekers and refugees who are dispersed here.

How you can help with refugees coming into the city

Volunteer with CLEAR or British Red Cross to help at the AMC by working on reception, helping in the café, or running activities. See volunteering page for more details of volunteering at CLEAR.

Accommodation – if you are a landlord and wish to house refugees please contact Southampton City Council housing services by emailing to register your interest.

What else is happening in Southampton?

The following organisations and groups are working on a response to the crisis both in Europe and in Syria.

Southampton Action – People to People Solidarity: collecting material donations and mobilising support for the refugee crisis.


visit the facebook page:

latest updates 

Rays of Hope Charity: Syria appeal 

This is supported by the Abu Bakr Mosque

The Rays of Hope charity works closely with men and women on the ground in Syria, delivering aid directly to the needy without any money going on advertising, or office expenses, etc.

Account details are on the website for online donations

Cheques and/or cash donations can be brought to our registered address: Rays of Hope Limited, 162 Northam Road, Southampton, SO14 0QF, UK

Other organisations working throughout the UK and internationally


We are a group of volunteers collecting urgently needed donations for those living in the Calais refugee camps. We believe that no person should be without access to basic human rights like shelter and warmth, and by collecting donations we can work to improve these conditions.

Oxfam: working in the refugee camps

Red Cross: Red Cross volunteers across Europe are working around the clock to support hundreds of thousands of refugees as they attempt to reach safety

Citizens UK – has a campaign to get local authorities to pledge to resettle just 50 refugees each. Many councils are willing, but they need help to find appropriate homes for families in the private rented sector. They desperately need landlords to join our Homes for Resettled Refugees Register.

Refugee Action – General appeal for its work

The Guardian produced a list that explains how and where to go to help

A number of charities and non-governmental organisations have opened appeals specifically aimed at helping the plight of refugees. Various organisations spell out exactly what a specific donation could provide. Here’s a sample:

Migrant Offshore Aid Station: The charity which runs independent rescue boats to rescue migrants at risk of drowning has seen a huge spike in donations since pictures of the drowned Syrian boy emerged.

Médecins Sans Frontières: The humanitarian agency has three rescue ships in the Mediterranean, on Tuesday alone they rescued 1,658 people in its biggest day of operations.

Aylan Kurdi Fund: A specific fund named in honour of the drowned boy was set up within 24 hours of the circulation photographs of his body emerging. All proceeds will go to the humanitarian agency Hand in Hand for Syria. 

Refugee Council: A donation of £100 could pay for the education and travel for two children for a week.

Unicef: The UN’s children’s charity is providing life-saving supplies such as clean water, medicine and psychological support. It says a donation of £9 could provide an emergency water kit for a family. 

Save the Children: It says a donation of £50 could buy two hygiene kits including soap, towels and toothbrushes.

Islamic Relief: Three families could be fed for a month on a donation of £210, the charity says.

The UNHCR is running camps, providing shelter and aid to refugees in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, as well as helping refugees across Europe.