Learning page

This page is designed to provide links to on-line resources for CLEAR learners and tutors. The links are chosen to fit in with the syllabus and to allow learners to have easy access to resources they can use.

For Beginners

For Tutors

This is a resource we are currently using in Pre-entry classes. This is a new set of resources for real beginners, especially those with little or no writing experience.

UK website with flashcards topical videos and classroom ideas. Suitable for beginners in the classroom or as a small group exercise.

Enter your own script (student’s name, sentence) This programme produces customised sheets for handwriting practice.

ICT, Literacy, Numeracy and Esol resources for classroom use from pre-entry to Level 2. Free access.

Dave’s ESL cafe – aimed at higher level students (above Entry3) – includes grammar, pronunciation, slang and idioms. Pages for teachers and students.

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