Advice in Southampton 

Southampton Advice is a partnership of the advice providers in the city that are collaborating together to deliver an adaptable, knowledgeable and fit for purpose advice and information service, meeting the needs of all Southampton residents. The current partners are Citizens Advice, CLEAR, Age UK, No Limits, EU Welcome and Rose Road Association.

Avenue Multicultural Centre (AMC)

AMC is a longstanding partnership between CLEAR, British Red Cross, Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group (SWVG) and Avenue St Andrews church. The partnership delivers a multicultural drop in service for asylum seekers and refugees each Friday.

City of Sanctuary Southampton

City of Sanctuary is a national movement with the vision that everywhere in the UK will become a welcoming place of safety for all and proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence and persecution. CLEAR was a founder member of City of Sanctuary Southampton Group.


The work of CLEAR would not happen without the support of our funders. We are most appreciative of the support that they give to the work of CLEAR.

Community Fund