The Employer Engagement Team at CLEAR wants to work with local businesses and organisations to assist them in more effectively recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, which is inclusive of refugees. We understand that managers, especially those responsible for hiring and inducting new employees, may have questions regarding employing refugees as sometimes it can be challenging to understand the information available online.

We want to work with local organisations as follows:

  • Delivering guidance and information to employers on their roles and responsibilities when recruiting refugees
  • Supporting organisations to develop policies which do not exclude refugees either directly or indirectly
  • Providing a point of contact for questions regarding the employment of refugees
  • Enabling businesses to circulate their vacancies directly to a network of local refugees

Information and Support

The Employer Engagement Team at CLEAR is able to deliver presentations to local companies and organisations regarding the recruitment and employment of refugees. This would include topics ranging such as:

  • Right to work and DBS checks
  • Applications and references
  • Addressing barriers to employment
  • Workplace culture and integration

The guidance will support managers to increase their knowledge of culturally sensitive employment practices, which do not exclude refugees either directly or indirectly, and create a more inclusive, welcoming workplace, providing practical steps for your organisation to take and also opportunities for you to work with CLEAR moving forward.

Job Vacancies and Opportunities

The Employer Engagement Team is able to distribute any job vacancies or opportunities (e.g. apprenticeships, work experience schemes) through our network of refugees and support agencies. This will enable your advert to reach people who may not be reached by mainstream recruitment processes and provide you access to a diverse group of individuals who may have the skill set you need.

To a arrange a free consultation meeting with our Employer Engagement Project, or to receive more information about how to participate in the project, please contact our Employer Engagement Team on 023 8022 1111 or email