Like all good charities, CLEAR looks forward to its own demise. 

We imagine, and strive for, a world in which there is no need for people to flee their home countries because of armed conflict, abuse of their human rights, or other impediment to their reaching their full potential. 

We imagine an asylum system in which those fleeing persecution are treated with dignity when they arrive in the UK and are given adequate legal resources to prepare their best case for protection. A system which provides asylum seekers with decent accommodation and the same basic benefits we afford our own nationals. A system which does not infantilise asylum seekers through enforced benefit dependency. A system which does not use destitution as a weapon of immigration control. A system not based upon xenophobia and the gradual erosion of hope. 

In short, we imagine an asylum system in the true spirit of the Refugee Convention, and we look forward to a peaceful world in which all human beings can fulfil their true potential. 

Until that day comes, CLEAR will be here to educate, to advocate for and to empower those who seek refuge in our city. 

Mike Brown 

May 2020