Refugees are permitted to work in the UK without any restrictions – they can work in any profession and at any skill level. The majority of refugees were working before they arrived in the UK and have skills and experience in a wide variety of roles. The refugees CLEAR is working with in Southampton are highly motivated to find employment in a range of different industries across the city and make a positive contribution to life here, however many struggle to find fulfilling employment as they have limited or no work experience in the UK and lack knowledge of the UK job market.

The Employer Engagement Project is seeking to work in partnership with Southampton based businesses and organisations to provide work placements, shadowing opportunities and employer visits for local refugees to enable them to gain work experience and knowledge of the UK job market and working environments.

We will also provide free assistance to companies to create refugee supportive recruitment and employment policies, as well as inclusive, welcoming workplaces.

The Employer Engagement Project is funded by Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation and the European Social Fund.

What are the benefits to your organisation?

  • An opportunity to demonstrate corporate social responsibility by supporting refugees living in your local area to gain skills and work experience within the local community
  • Free support in developing inclusive, refugee friendly recruitment and employment policies and information factsheets on key questions (e.g. right to work checks, DBS checks) around the employment of refugees
  • The opportunity to meet individuals who are interested in working in your business area who traditional recruitment campaigns may not have reached
  • The chance for you to develop and engage your current workforce by offering them the option of supporting and mentoring individuals visiting your business

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How can you and your organisation support refugees in Southampton?

Hosting Employer Inclusive and Supportive Employer
  • Offer work placements or shadowing opportunities to individual refugees referred by CLEAR to provide UK based work experience
  • Host visits for individuals or small groups of refugees coordinated by CLEAR to provide opportunities for local refugees to understand the UK job market and working environments
  • Work with the Employer Engagement Team at CLEAR to ensure your organisation’s culture and policies (e.g. around recruitment) are inclusive of those from a refugee background
  • Distribute your job vacancies and development opportunities via CLEAR networks

Our Employer Engagement Team can meet with you to discuss any queries you have regarding employing refugees or offering work placements.

To a arrange a free consultation meeting with our Employer Engagement Team, or to receive more information about how to participate, please phone 023 8022 1111, or email


CLEAR has produced an Employers Toolkit providing guidelines, best practice and tips for creating an inclusive workplace that supports employment and opportunities for refugees. To download, click on the link below:


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