A Thousand Splendid Days by Mike Brown

I joined CLEAR in 2016, and since my arrival I’ve framed CLEAR unapologetically as a human rights organisation. It’s common knowledge that there are now more refugees worldwide than there were in 2016, but perhaps less well known that half of all refugees are children. The overwhelming majority of these refugees (over 84%) only manage [...]

Multi-Cultural UK

I had heard the UK is multi-cultural and I found it exactly the same.   What was your life like before coming to the UK? I was living a happy life in my country with my family and friends. I was busy with an administrative job for a good company in the finance industry which [...]

Advice Southampton website

CLEAR is one of the partner advice organisations in Southampton who have been working together and have recently created a website - Advice Southampton . This is designed to be the place to come if you need to know where to find advice in the city. It offers clear guidance on a range of needs [...]