CLEAR was pleased to be part of the Chances4Change programme in Southampton for the period 2013-2015 where we offered a range of activities for the BME Community and our volunteers.

Football Sessions

CLEAR provides weekly 5-a-side adults’ football sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Mount Pleasant School and St Mary’s Primary School. Please contact us if you wish to be involved.  Please note this is currently suitable for men only.

The team has been successful in 2 tournaments, winning both the Saints Foundation “Lesotho Cup” and the Saints4sport 5-a-side tournament. All players and volunteers abide by our Code of Conduct to ensure fair play and good team spirit.

Please contact for further information about volunteering as a football assistant (you can also play!)


Country Dancing

All countries and cultures have folk music and dance traditions, which makes country dancing an exciting way for our multicultural clients and volunteers to come together to learn skills that combine physical exercise and music, which do not require high levels of English language skills,

Please check at the Avenue Multicultural Centre for details of the next event.



Cookery leaders are trained to deliver cookery sessions to all those who are interested. We ran these sessions in the kitchen at the Avenue Multicultural Centre. Topics covered teach about healthy eating, healthy and economical food shopping and cookery skills.


Story of a Cookery Leader

Leqaa started volunteering with CLEAR in 2011. At the time, she was relatively new to Southampton and keen to get involved with activities outside her home and also to get to know the city and meet others. She started volunteering as a catering assistant in our weekly partnership project kitchen and enjoyed this work so much, she was amazed at herself. Cooking has always been my hobby but my previous work was in finance!

Here as well she took book keeping courses to pursue this line of work in the future. However, all that changed after she was nominated to attend a Cookery Leader course where a comprehensive training was provided to prepare the participants to deliver fun and informative cookery sessions in the community. Leqaa’s people skills and inspiring personality came to the fore and after a number of public cookery demonstrations, catering for a community food festival, the positive feedback about her tasty food. The catering orders that started to trickle in. Leeqa asked herself what she enjoyed more, cooking or accountancy, and cooking won! Now she is looking to set up her own catering business and recently passed her driving test. As she says, “Step by step, everything step by step!”

Please contact for further information.

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