CLEAR provides a range of ESOL classes suitable for a range of learners, including those who have never spoken the language before. Our courses range from Pre-Entry to Entry 3 and we signpost to other providers when learners are ready to progress to Level 1. All new learners undergo an initial assessment after which they are allocated a class. Our intensive support is designed to give learners a strong foundation and is based around a weekly class with qualified ESOL tutors where everyone is working towards an examination with the Trinity Board. Regular attendance is very important at CLEAR as places are limited and demand is high. The courses offered are:

  • Pre-entry level
  • Entry level 1 (E1)
  • Entry level 2 (E2)
  • Entry level 3 (E3)
  • Pre-Entry to E1 with crèche
  • E1 to E2 with crèche
  • Learners will have free entry to ICT courses (6 weeks)
  • Free entry into Working in the UK courses (10 weeks)


There is a fee which needs to paid by learners at the start of the course or in agreed stage payments. This is the only charge and includes the cost of all teaching, exams and a crèche space (where available).

2015-16 Fees

  • ESOL classes £150 for 4 hours per week or £75 if you get Job Seekers Allowance, Housing benefits or other state benefits.
  • ESOL with crèche £125 for 2 hours per week.

We have funding for a crèche for 2 courses; please ask if you need childcare. Asylum seekers are free subject to places available.

We specialise in helping learners who cannot read or write in their first language. Our students are asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and their family members. When space allows, we also take people from other minority ethnic groups.

Academic Year

Our courses start in September each year and run through to June. So we recruit learners in August and September before classes start. We follow the college and school term time so take the same breaks as many of our learners are also parents who care for young children.
To apply for a place on the course you will need to fill in an enquiry form. You can do the following: