ROLE TITLE: Collection Point Volunteer

RESPONSIBLE TO: Collection Point Co-Ordinator

LOCATION: CLEAR, 2 James Street SO14 1PJ

TIMES: Thursdays 9.30-11.30, for other days, please see endnote.


  1. Working as a team with other Collection Point Volunteers
  2. Enrolling New Members
  3. Receiving payments
  4. To undertake training as required.
  5. To report concerns to appropriate management
  6. Order Stocks of forms and other Stationery 
  7. Updating and issuing members pass books
  8. Cashing up and Banking takings
  9. Setting Up and Closing down the collection point

Duties & Responsibilities

  • To set the collection point up in the agreed location at CLEAR, ensuring that only collectors have access to the area behind the collection counter and the cash box is located at the back of the counter.
  • To ensure that all the forms, information leaflets and other credit union stationery are clearly displayed and accessible to members and potential members.
  • To open and close the collection point at the advertised time. No transactions are to be taken outside these times and cashiers should not leave the collection point whilst it is open. There must be a minimum of 2 authorised collection point cashiers at the collection point at all times.
  • To provide advice on credit union policy, including how to join the credit union. To assist with the completion of forms as necessary.
  • Process new applications for membership in accordance with the collection point procedures. Check forms of identity for new applicants.
  • Taking deposits and loan repayments from members. n.b. The maximum amount of cash which can be accepted is ¬£100.
  • To record all transactions on share deposit and share withdrawal record sheets, which should be dated and signed at the top by both the cashiers when the collection point opens.
  • Entering all transactions in the members pass book. No money should be taken without a passbook.
  • Advising members wishing to make a withdrawal about the withdrawal procedures.
  • Issuing members requesting to make deposits by standing order with a credit union standing order form.
  • Checking that the total amount of cheques and cash in the cash box agrees with the deposit record sheet, signing the record sheets as correct and recording the transactions of the day in the bank paying in book.
  • Preparing money collected for banking according to the collection point procedures. The money collected should either be taken directly to the bank by both cashiers after the collection point has been closed or placed in a safe for banking at a later time as instructed.
  • Returning the completed record sheets to the office, together with application forms received and requests for withdrawals.
  • After closing the collection point, returning any unused stationery and the cash box to the agreed secure location. n.b. The key for the cash box should always be placed in a separate agreed location.
Essential Desirable
Education & Training
Education/Qualifications None
Skills Good Listener
Ability to like people
Ability to follow procedures
Training & Work Experience N/A
Team Working Taking joint responsibility for practice and staffing of the collection point
Attention to detail Able to assist members in completing stationery correctly.
Communication Ability to explain procedures
Ability to communicate well in English
Personality / Temperament
Relationships Ability to work with a range of people
Motivation Ability to work in a team
Temperament Approachable
Calm under pressure
Well organised
Ability to cope with change
100% trustworthy
Other Requirements
Working Hours 2 hours per week – day to be confirmed

We are urgently seeking a volunteer to start this role on Jan 12th (Thursdays 9.30-11.30) but will be happy to accept applications on a waiting list for Tuesdays and Wednesdays as we need 2 available applicants to start the collection point on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, timings 11.30-1.30pm).